Neides Cleaning Services is phenomenal. Every staff member is so friendly. They are such hard workers and go above any beyond with any cleaning project they are given. We are so blessed to have Neides Cleaning Services on our campus every day! Thank you!!!


Neides Cleaning Services is absolutely the best cleaning company around. They thoroughly clean all of the buildings on our campus. They are extremely reliable - always right on time. They continually go above and beyond (helping us with random needs, cleaning our campus on holidays, etc.). Neides entire team is so pleasant and enjoyable to have around our campus. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Neides Cleaning Services or fully express just how much we appreciate having them. I highly recommend them.


The first thing to say is how happy we are when the cleaners have done their work - everything is shiny and sparkling, and the house is beautiful. The second thing to say is that Neide hires good and trustworthy people, friendly and accommodating - they never touch the piano, which is critical for Cynthia’s work! - and we trust them, these are good people, and we never worry about. having them in our house when we’re not here.

Cynthia and Larry

I have been using Neide’s Cleaning Service since moving to the Worcester metro area about three years ago. I have had good success with the service and find Neide very responsive and reliable. Even though I live a bit far from her base, she comes out to my area a couple times a week and she is very accommodating around hours. Her crew is very pleasant and do a great job. Generally the same crew comes to my house and that works out well because once I have shown them how I like a certain thing done, they know to do it that way the next time. Neide has been very pleasant to deal with and her staff is always timely and professional. I find the crew very trustworthy and have no issue with them coming to my home when I am not there. I highly recommend Neides Cleaning Services.


Neide and her cleaning service have been great! I have been using her service for a few years now. Her prices are reasonable, She is able to work with you around scheduling even when, as I do, you live in an area that is a little far a field from her primary area, and Neide is very responsive if there is an issue you need to address. Neide’s crew is friendly and The people who come are fairly consistent so, once you have advised them of how you like a certain thing done, they will do it every time they come. Her staff is trustworthy and I have no issues with leaving the door open if I will not be around. I highly recommend Neide’s Cleaning Service. So glad I found them!


Neides has been cleaning my house for 7 years now! She is very reliable, responsive and very thorough. Not to mention very friendly. Her work has taken so much off my shoulders that I can concentrate on my family and my work while always having a clean house. I highly recommend her services!


I have happily used Neide’s Cleaning Services over the past two years. Neide herself is very responsive and accommodating with any concerns or schedule changes I have needed. I typically have three women in my house for about 90 minutes every other week. Cleaning is quick but thorough. I am charged a flat rate that Neide and I agreed to when she first toured my house and provided me a quote. I’ve never experienced any property damage and I trust the women who are in my home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neide’s Cleaning Services to anyone looking for a reliable and professional cleaning service.

Stephanie Haggard

This service is reliable, detailed, responsive and supremely honest. I am beyond satisfied!


I can't possibly give Neide and her team a stronger endorsement. We have been super satisfied and grateful clients for 8 years. We couldn't ask for a more thorough, courteous, hard-working, and trustworthy team. They are also flexible with scheduling when needed. A+


I can't possibly give Neide and her team a higher endorsement. We have been super satisfied and grateful clients for 8 years. You could not ask for a more thorough, friendly, hard working and trustworthy team. Every member of Neide's team is courteous and they are flexible with scheduling when they need to be.


Neide's team has been cleaning our house for quite some time now and they do a terrific job. Not only is the place spotless when they leave, they add little touches that vary each time, like how they arrange the sofa pillows, to fun folds in the hand towels, etc. They are very thorough, professional, friendly, reliable. They are also flexible if I need to change a day/time.


I highly recommend Neides cleaning services for your home. She has been thoroughly cleaning our home for eleven years! Neides is reliable, friendly, trust-worthy, and professional. My home always looks great after she has cleaned it. Our friends always comment about how clean our house looks:)


I tried a few cleaning services before Neides and no one compares! Neides has been cleaning my house for over 9 years and she is fantastic. So professional, thorough and flexible. I highly recommend her!


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